Monday, December 29, 2014

Inami: Constant Craving (Saint Evo's Lounge Remix)

Happy Monday! For our early morning riser, we present you with the sounds of Kenyan artist Inami, a stable member of the Celsius Degree Entertainment label also based in Kenya. From my understanding, Inami is a well celebrated artist in her native land. Overcoming being partially deaf and honing her musical talents through her father, her start was with an eclectic band called The Musketeers. After the eventual breakup of the band, she called House music her home because it was the only genre that combined her different musical elements.

"Constant Craving" has been remixed by DJ/producer Saint Evo, a sound described by me as lounge meets afro-house meets late 1980s dance. This track is featured on a special remix project called Re-Incarnation of her Debut EP, Little Lost. The music is what the label defines as Equatorial House, and the plan is to spearhead a new movement to stretch the limits of House music and to put Kenya as a place on the map for the genre. In celebrating Inami's debut, CDE is letting fans download the Re-Incarnation EP for free. Visit their website for more info of upcoming releases by artists in their impressive catalog.

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