Sunday, January 8, 2012

Akai MPC Renaissance

Akai Pro rang in the new year by introducing one of their newest products called the MPC Renaissance. I got the alert on this product by email, then clicked the image sent to take me to their website, only to be disappointed by a lackluster video that was reminiscent of a mainstream rap video. I didn't know who these "producers" were and it had no mention of how this product works or it's capabilities (which is why I chose to NOT post the video here). Personally, I would have liked to see someone who's notable for using the precursors to this, like Pete Rock, Jeremy Ellis or DJ Mitsu.

Enough of my ranting. They don't give a whole lot of info, but it does say (after READING) that you are able to switch to vintage modes accessing sounds from the MPC 3000 and MPC 60. Just check out the product details below and visit their site. They will also be present at NAMM 2012 featuring this product and conducting demos.

Akai Pro MPC

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