Monday, January 2, 2012

OneofUs: Disengage

OneofUs is really impressive with their blend of Jazz fusion that crosses many boundaries of music on their Disengage album. The duo consists of singer/songwriter/musician Kitty Wong of Sydney, Australia and producer Nathan "Sinitus Tempo" Peters who hails from Maryland on sampler, drums and bass. Both name many of the greats in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk and popular music as influences for their unique sound. Although they are giving away this wonderful album for FREE, i'm one to definitely purchase future projects from them, as well as attend their shows. Just get a load of their uptempo tack "Summer Nights" below, which has a touch of the eastern sound, Jazz and heavy beats, then rush on over to their Bandcamp page and grab the album while you can. I'm sure you'll be just as delighted as I am. Enjoy!

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