Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sarah White: Space Madness

Sarah White is sheer dopeness. I think I seriously need to take more time to research many artists when they are brought to my attention. Space Madness was released in October, which lets me know that i've been "sleeping" for that long. A definite must have for your music collection if you're the type that likes an eclectic blend of multiple styles on one album that flows flawlessly. As far as production, these may not be your everyday names, however, they are proven to be top notch. Guest vocalists include Nicholas Ryan Gant and Cecilia Stalin.

There's just something about "Reaching Up" that grabbed me and is already my favorite track. This is a great tune to have started the album with. I look forward to more music from this Brooklyn bombshell. By the way, I really dig the cover art. Enjoy!

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