Saturday, January 21, 2012

Karega Ani: Conscentrated Substance

Karega Ani...many good things can be said about this brother, a friend of mine i've been knowing for nearly 10 years, after first getting a taste of his lyrical machine gun vocals that took you to distant galaxies, yet kept you down to earth with the same level of communication and impact that Malcolm X had on those who listened to him. A gifted producer, family oriented and just a man of great taste who wears many other hats.

I'll have to dub him as a general, because with his latest release Concentrated Substance: The Chronicles of a Hopeless Optimist, it deserves 5 stars and nothing less. My favorite off the album is the title track which features Def Poet Sunni Patterson and Michele Thibeaux on vocals, along with a legend is his own right, Amp Fiddler tickling the ivories. Overall, the whole album takes you back to the days of purchasing material from your favorite artist and them delivering a product where you enjoy all of it over and over again. A highly recommended must have to add to your collection. Cop it, fasten your safety belts and get ready to go on a fantastic voyage.

Karega Ani Official Website

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