Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Classic Revisited

Many Hip-Hop enthusiasts like myself were saddened by the demise of Wild Pitch Records in 1997. This was a label responsible for ushering in notable Hip-Hop acts that includes Gang Starr, O.C., Ultramagnetic MCs, Main Source, Lord Finesse, UMC's, Chill Rob G, The Coup, and others. The label is also noted to be responsible for releasing one of the most influential and important albums in Hip-Hop history, entitled "Breaking Atoms", released in 1991 by Main Source. This very album is also accredited for introducing Nas, then known as "Nasty Nas", on the song "Live At The Barbeque". This album, which is hard to find, along w/ the whole Wild Pitch catalog, has been out of print since 1997. However, reprints have been re-released in 2008 and includes never before released bonus tracks.

Main Source: Breaking Atoms + Bonus Tracks [1991]

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