Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sleep On This?!

As stated in a previous post, I am a vinyl junkie. While digging in the record bins at a local record shop, I stumble across this 12 inch in the used vinyl section. I put it on the turntable at one of the listening stations and you could see me light up to this jazzy, soulful groove. I thought to myself, what DJ in their right mind (or not) could take this back to the record store to be resold? After purchasing it along with a few other gems I found, I wanted to test it at one of my gigs to see if it would give others the same reaction I had. It did indeed. Several people came up to ask about this single that features vocals of one of the greatest Soul singers of the 20th Century, the late Marvin Gaye. I did a little research on the single to find out that many DJs from around the world had this song on their mixtapes and was in the top 10 of many playlists. As the saying goes...."One man's trash, is another man's treasure". In this case, it ended up as a treasure for many. Enjoy!

Download Here: JMDee ft. Tassel & Naturel - "Jazzical Healing"

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