Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Say Eh Mon!

Remember the classic scene from the 'Cosby Show' where Denise is sitting on the sofa w/ her date and they are watching a video show. Denise's date is bobbing his head and patting his leg to the beat as Cliff asks him if he likes Reggae. Suddenly, while Cliff is trying to read his paper, you hear the guy blurt out "I say EH mon"! Many people have been puzzled as to who the artist was that performed the song. The name of the tune is 'Sponji Reggae', one of the tracks off Black Uhuru's 'Red' album. Here's your chance to relive that moment yourself and scream out...."I say EH mon"! "I say you go down.....and I say EH mon"!

Black Uhuru: Red

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