Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Want Relief?

It's Wednesday afternoon, you're in Houston, either at the office or caught in a traffic jam, going thru all the mainstream radio stations to find all of them seem to be playing all the same ol' voicebox tunes, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You keep searching and come across the sounds of NuSoul songbird Sy Smith. Then you hear Aretha Franklin, X-Clan, as well as many local Soul and Hip-Hop artists. You let out a sigh of relief and able to relax. Then you hear the voice of 'The One Like ZIN' letting you know that you are tuned in to S.O.S. Radio, which means Sounds of Soul Radio...or you can safely say that he throws out a life line to save you from the sea of 'nonsense' played on commercial radio stations. This is the flow each and every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm (Central) on Pacifica Radio KPFT 90.1 FM-Houston, listen live online at You can hear guests in the studio live or via phone interview that range from Chuck D of Public Enemy, Bro. J of X-Clan, Jurrassic 5, Zap Mama, and the list goes on. This is only one side of Zin, who displays many sides of his multiple gifts. He's an accomplished MC, producer, writer, director, filmographer, community activist, teacher, DJ, and so on. You can peep his MC skills by catching him rockin' on stage w/ a live band or being backed up by a DJ...even if it's himself. You can also purchase his previous release titled 'Seeds of Survival' w/ most of production credit going to him. As of now, we are on the horizon of a new album release, where you can listen to samples of 2 tracks and get updates on his S.O.S. Radio Myspace page. I've already had the priviledge of hearing the whole album and you can hear the maturity in the whole production, and he takes a bit of a different approach this time around. You just have to buy it to see what i'm talking about.

Listen to Zin in action in the player below.


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