Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Ain't Pac-Man

You ever had a song that rang and rang in your head, but you couldn't remember the title or artist? I was that way for several years. I asked many old school DJs who were a few years older than I am, and they could not tell me who did this song. One day I asked my good friend DJ Blaknificent who did it (after I hummed a few bars), and before I finished, he spit out the group and title. The brain cramp was this case. As far as this 'digital' sound goes, we can reach back as far as the early 70s to an overseas group called Kraftwerk who are documented as being one of the first groups to use mostly electronic instruments to produce their music. With Hip-Hop starting to gain a bigger audience and the music changing, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force adopted the sound for their classic tune 'Planet Rock'. Around that same time, a technopop group that formed in 1978, hailing from Japan who goes by the name of Yellow Magic Orchestra took the airwaves by storm w/ 'Computer Game'. The song introduction is reminiscent of you sitting on your sofa playing an Atari game. Other than just listening to this song, this was one of my choices to pop, lock, or do the wave to.....when I was breakin' back in the day. Thanks to you...DJ Blaknificent for helping me find this song.

Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO): Computer Game

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