Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Biz: I'm Ready/Higher

I'm excited to post new music from Bobbie Fine, a good friend of mine who has a heavy voice in the world of Hip-Hop. He's known for penning the classics "In Control of Things" and "Back Again" for YZ and a member of Blaque Spurm and the Funk Family with late legendary producer/DJ Tony D. His current group Good Biz keeps the flow of classic Hip-Hop as it's meant to be with fellow members Ms. Quay Devon and KP.

Here are their two latest singles "I'm Ready", an excellent remix of Alicia Keys' current single and "Higher" (serious head nod factor) from the Principle & Interest EP. You can purchase all Good Biz Music projects via the Good Biz Music website and on iTunes. Enjoy!

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