Monday, September 20, 2010

Persephone's Dream: PAN: An Urban Pastoral

After hearing the latest album from Pittsburg, PA based Persephone's Dream, I would have to say that PAN: An Urban Pastoral is one of the most musically diverse Progressive Rock albums I have heard in a long time. An wonderful blend of Jazz and Swing elements, World, Electronica, Trip-Hop, Pop, Metal and Folk helps this album to stand out far from most Rock bands. These guys have more than 13 years of experience at what they do, so look forward to me spinning a few tracks at some of my upcoming sets. Visit the Persephone's Dream website for more info and order the CD from CD Universe and Amazon.

PAN: An Urban Pastoral Tracklist:

01. Prelude (0:39)
02. Invocation (1:18)
03. Pan’s Labyrinth (7:28)
04. Those Who Remember (3:42)
05. Chaosong (1:25)
06. Sidewalk Soliloquy (2:50)
07. Chaosong Reprise (1:31)
08. Denouement of a God (1:02)
09. Le Defile Satyrique (1:32)
10. Maenads, Melody and Meter (3:01)
11. Ubi Sunt (1:12)
12. The Seduction of Daphnis (4:59)
13. Nectar of the Gods (3:12)
14. Youth’s Denial (1:16)
15: The Temptation of Icarus (2:14)
16. Selene Rising (2:03)
17. The Tears of Selene (9:31)
18. Erato’s Pulse (11:06)
19. Silhouette (8:45)

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