Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tone Trezure: The Lost Remnants of Tone Trezure

I walk into the Detroit Deli and order the Tone Trezure, a lovely dish of eclectic Soul, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, laced over some soulful Hip-Hop beats. This incredible vocalist hailing from Michigan has already worked with the likes of Jay Electronica, Texas' own Erykah Badu and Strange Fruit Project, just to name a few. Thanks to my good friend Bobby Phats who hosts a radio show called The Groove, he introduced me to this amazing young artist. As a FREE DOWNLOAD, she's giving the world another taste of who she is with The Lost Remnants of Tone Trezure. In her own words about her current EP:

"This album is just some comprised work I've done over the years that I wanted to share. This was an era in my life when I was really getting into my own and just wanting to be heard so I wrote about everything. This was a wonderful growing period in my opening up more to the Hip-hop and Soul side of R&B."

Previously she released her My Destiny EP in May. Both are available on her Bandcamp page. For right now, check the preview and Enjoy!

Tone Treazure on Myspace

<a href="http://thetrezure.bandcamp.com/track/middle-of-day">Middle of Day by Tone Trezure</a>

This is my favorite off My Destiny...

<a href="http://thetrezure.bandcamp.com/track/you-mean">You Mean by Tone Trezure</a>

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