Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sydnee Jane & The Jane-ettes

A few weeks ago I met this talented group of young ladies at a local showcase I was running sound for. Talk about being blown away by the strength, control and harmonies from these vocalists. It's as if for that moment we all went back in time and Motown melded with the P-Funk Allstars and hooked up with En Vogue to assist with the sound and arrangements these beautiful ladies displayed. It was quite refreshing to finally hear something different after nearly two hours or more of "crunk" like rappers who all had the same things to say in their rhymes. Outside of the performers of the night, they have a different sound that sets them apart from many artists in the city PERIOD!

I'd like everyone to meet Houston bred Sydnee Jane & The Jane-ettes. These ladies are not at all limited to one genre and all are classically trained. They tag themselves as "THE from another planet-type Sassy, Southern, Retro Futuristic Songbirds!" Check out the videos and visit their website. Enjoy!

Sydnee Jane & The Jane-ettes

The following video is actual footage from the night in question.

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